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Any possibility that it can catch us is serious .... but gee whiz; when 
it turns green ... now, THAT'S serious!!!

On 10/17/2012 2:54 PM, Jerry Cohen wrote:
> A "serious possbility" is anything that I am concerned about. Whatever others are concrned about may be considered questionable. I hope that clears it up for you.
> Jerry Cohen
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> I quite agree. Just a comment on PP. I can not really say that I
> understand what on earth they meant with the following: : ??we are not
> saying that the plausible hypothesis (for a future event) is more
> probable than the implausible, although we are saying the plausible
> hypothesis is more of a serious possibility than the other?(UNESCO,
> 2005. The Precautionary Principle. United Nations  Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, Paris, France, 2005)
> What is a "serious possibility"?
> Can anyone help with an explanation?
> D.Okkalides
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> Malta
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> Quoting "Jerry Cohen" <jjc105 at yahoo.com>:
> Joe,
>      I think you missed the point. All you have described regarding
> the seismic fragility of Japan is true. However, despite this fact, the overall risk from nuclear installations is well within the generally accepted limits of risk acceptability. The recent earthquake/tsunami incident may not recur for many centuries. The entire U.S.A is certainly not immune to similar catastrophes. One of the our worst earthquakes happened at New  Madrid , Missouri
> in an area of  relatively low seismicity.  There are no guarantees that
> disasters of most any magnitude will not occur just about anywhere.
> If we were to accept the "precautionary principle", and base all

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