[ RadSafe ] Psychiatry for Anti-Nucs

Howard Long howard.long at comcast.net
Sun Oct 28 12:03:10 CDT 2012

This family doctor does sit on thoriated welding rods to get a Denver dose of background radiation (0.105 mRads/hr in crotch for 1/10 th the day to double background from 0.015mRad/hr,
10x for1/10 the time, or double). 

I was on the Advisory Board for Mental Health Clinics in California when we first had Thorazine restoring sanity and liberty to 100,000 persons hospitalized with delusions. 
I wish there were such a pill to dissolve the delusion that ionizing radiation harms 
more than food, or heat -  which also kill in massive doses
Do you have a cure for this "State of Fear"?

Howard Long

On Oct 28, 2012, at 8:03 AM, <franz.schoenhofer at chello.at> wrote:

> Roger,
> It might be a few weeks ago, that I put the question on RADSAFE, whether not most of those militant "antis" simply suffer from mental problems, in some severe cases are simply mentally ill and suffer from severe paranoia. Interestingly I did not receive any comment on my statements! They seem to apply to the anonymous person you refer to. 
> So what? No psychiatrist on the list? Nobody who knows someone who could comment? What about our family doctor with his thoriated welding rods - a family doctor should also have some knowledge about psyc hiatry. 
> Somehow I am tired about all that self-serving nonsense distributed in mass media - some of the very worst in Austrian papers. Sorry, I am not a "patriot". 
> Hoping again for some reaction from RADSAFE.
> Franz
> ---- Roger Helbig <rwhelbig at gmail.com> schrieb:> First they claim this is fallout and then they claim that all of these
>> are potential Fukushimas - please, look at this and comment to all
>> sites, etc. concerned if there are serious fallacies, as I expect, in
>> the thinking - this Australian fanatic will post anything to destroy
>> nuclear power, uranium mining, etc. - Arclight is a coward who will
>> not even post his name, just his YouTube channel identifier.
>> Roger
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>> Date: Sat, Oct 27, 2012 at 9:01 AM
>> Subject: [New post] Nuclear Fallout – Map of U.S. Nuclear Power Plants
>> dispertion projections – Super storm in USA
>> arclight2011 posted: "Calvert Cliffs - Lusby, MD (due to
>> hurricane)North Anna - Louisa, VA (due to earthquake)Ft Calhoun - Ft
>> Calhoun, NE (due to flooding)Browns Ferry - Athens, AL (due to
>> tornado)Surry - Surry, VA (due to tornado)There are 104 nuclear
>> reactors in the Un"
>> Nuclear Fallout – Map of U.S. Nuclear Power Plants dispertion
>> projections – Super storm in USA
>> by arclight2011
>> Calvert Cliffs - Lusby, MD (due to hurricane)
>> North Anna - Louisa, VA (due to earthquake)
>> Ft Calhoun - Ft Calhoun, NE (due to flooding)
>> Browns Ferry - Athens, AL (due to tornado)
>> Surry - Surry, VA (due to tornado)
>> There are 104 nuclear reactors in the United States. If one of them
>> lost both primary and backup power for even a matter

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