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Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Sun Oct 28 16:29:28 CDT 2012

Oct. 28

         It is my belief that the initial problem of the militant 
anti-nukers is their violent opposition to big industry.  Naturally, 
along with this comes a prejudice against central power 
stations.  Some of this prejudice stems from mere opposition to big 
industry, and some of it stems from an additional violent opposition 
to large accumulations of money and wealth.  (Parenthetically, it has 
been my experience that most anti-nukers are outright socialists or 
have some decidedly socialistic leanings.  This would seem to be 
incongruous, for they do not object to big government --- in fact, 
for the most  part they wholeheartedly embrace big government --- 
they only object to big business.  In a peculiar twist, anti-nukers 
object to big government when it take the form of big defense budgets 
and big intelligence agencies.)

         In their zeal to attack big business, anti-nukers have hit 
upon the tactic of emphasizing the pollution (both real and alleged) 
caused by manufacturing.  To stick with rad pollution, since it 
cannot be seen, smelled, or tasted it becomes even more sinister; 
thus lending itself to hysterical denunciations.  Then it all gets 
tied in with The Bomb, and long half-lives (which anti-nukers can't 
or won't understand).  We're on a down hill slope here . . . .

         Eventually (to coin a word) anti-nukism becomes an 
obsession, and its practitioners appear to have mental 
problems.  What has happened is that they have allowed their ideology 
to control them, instead of them controlling their ideology.  Or one 
could call it tunnel vision leading to a profound lack of perspective 
or context.  As a good example of one anti-nuker run amok, read 
Samuel McCracken's analysis of Helen Caldicott.  It's in "The War 
Against the Atom",  pp. 113-116.

Steven Dapra

At 08:03 AM 10/28/2012, you wrote:

>Roger, It might be a few weeks ago, that I put the question on 
>RADSAFE, whether not most of those militant "antis" simply suffer 
>from mental problems, in some severe cases are simply mentally ill 
>and suffer from severe paranoia. Interestingly I did not receive any 
>comment on my statements! They seem to apply to the anonymous person 
>you refer to. So what? No psychiatrist on the list? Nobody who knows 
>someone who could comment? What about our family doctor with his 
>thoriated welding rods - a family doctor should also have some 
>knowledge about psyc hiatry. Somehow I am tired about all that 
>self-serving nonsense distributed in mass media - some of the very 
>worst in Austrian papers. Sorry, I am not a "patriot". Hoping again 
>for some reaction from RADSAFE.



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