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Brennan, Mike (DOH) Mike.Brennan at DOH.WA.GOV
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If NuScale is "now making" reactors, they are doing it without the press
releases I would expect, including one saying the NRC had given them a

NuScale has an interesting concept, and some serious financing, but
there are some real challenges.  I like that the reactor vessel is also
the packaging for the fuel, both before and after use.  I like the
modular, transportable, design.  I am not impressed with a two-year
projected life for the reactor, but I recognize that this is driven by
choosing light water and low enrichment.  I agree with the
reasonableness of leaving used reactors in place for a couple of decade
to let the spent fuel decay down, and I would love to see some ideas for
using the heat after the reactor can't maintain criticality, but I see
political problems.

I wish them luck, but my breath remains unheld over their first
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Dear Radsafe:
     Hey Group,
          Apparently there is  a company called  nuscale power now
making modular reactors.
They are in Corvallis, Oregon.  Google the name???
         Take  Care    Joe Preisig
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