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NuScale power, located in Corvallis Oregon, is in process of designing and
commercializing, a modular, scalable 45 Megawatt electric Light Water
Reactor nuclear power plant. Each NuScale module has its own combined
containment vessel and reactor system, and its own designated
turbine-generator set. NuScale power plants are scalable, allowing for a
single facility to have just one or up to 12 units. In a multi-module
plant, one unit can be taken out of service without affecting the operation
of the others.

NuScale notified the NRC in February 2008 of its intent to pursue Design
Certification for its technology. The company is in the pre-application
review phase with the NRC. For more information about NuScale power please
check our website www.nuscalepower.com

 *Rahim Ghanooni, CHMM*

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On Tue, Oct 30, 2012 at 11:53 PM, <JPreisig at aol.com> wrote:

> Dear Radsafe:
>      Hey Group,
>           Apparently there is  a company called  nuscale power now making
> modular reactors.
> They are in Corvallis, Oregon.  Google the name???
>          Take  Care    Joe Preisig
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