[ RadSafe ] Incidental Radiation Generating Device Leakage Radiation Limits

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Wow! That's the first time in a long time I have seen a reference to the OLD DOE (Admiral Watkins) Radcon Manual! I am not certain if this topic is addressed in newer DOE regulations. The leakage levels in question may be addressed by certain TN State regulations (series 1200***), but these would be noted as radiation boundary levels, not allowable leakage. The ANSI standard N43.3 might be best used here (it is one of many developed for homeland security applications). 

For these kinds of radiation generation devices, some NCRP's might be of use. In particular, NCRP 20 (for cargo scanning systems) might be applicable. I would also try NCRP-147 or 144. Look for the same key words: exempt, shielded, or as installed facility. 

I would also research the purview of the Food and Drug Administration. If you go their home page and search for ionizing radiation devices manufactures standards, you might find this leakage limit as applicable prior to the device being purchased for such uses. Non-ionizing radiation generating devices, such as commercial microwave ovens, are included under the FDA's responsibilities. 

Hope this helps.

John E. Dixon, CHP

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Reference U.S. Department of Energy Radiological Control Manual, DOE/EH-0256T, Revision 1 (1994), https://www.orau.org/PTP/PTP%20Library/library/DOE/Misc/doe_rcm.pdf .

The DOE appears to have recognized the absence of specific federal radiological health standards for certain devices in their Radcon Manual (1994), and referred management and the RCO to applicable ANSI standards. 
As you are aware, in the case of devices such as electron microscopes and electron beam welders, Article 365.3 leaves the establishment of radiological controls for such devices to line management AND the Radiological Controls Organization (RCO) (DOE, p. 3-29, pdf p. 93/220).

Given the absence of a specific federal standard for the devices under consideration, and, given that the location where the devices are operated is likely a federal enclave or exclusive federal jurisdiction with respect to state radiological health regulations (state regs might not apply), your reference to the ANSI N43.3 Exempt Shielded Installation criteria dose equivalent limit of 0.005 mSv (0.5 mrem) in any one hour at any accessible area 5 cm (2 inches) from the outside surface of the enclosure (N43.3-2008, para. 5.1.10, p.9, pdf p. 18/79) appears to be a reasonable and feasible radiological control measure that is consistent with the DOE Radiological Health and Safety Policy (DOE, p. i, pdf p. 3/220).


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[ RadSafe ] Incidental Radiation Generating Device Leakage      Radiation 

Does anyone know a citation for federal leakage radiation limits for 
incidental radiation generating devices such as electron beam welders and 
electron microscopes? I have searched and cannot find any.  As a default, 
I'm using ANSI N43.3 Exempt Shielded Installation criteria of 0.5 mrem at 
5 cm.


Randy Redmond
B&W Y-12
Radiological Engineering

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