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Thu Sep 13 12:23:14 CDT 2012

       Maybe you should have a look at the  book Gravitation by Misner, 
Thorne and Wheeler.
Serious Heavy Lifting --- the book is immense.  Intellectually, it has  
more math in it than I have learned in
57 years.  Read Part 1 (if you can!!!) first.
      It discusses bending of light etc. by the  Sun.  Refracting gammas 
with a prism???
Interesting...  EM Waves refracting, EM Waves being bent in a general  
relativisitic sense.
      Compared to Misner, Thorne and Wheeler,  Sakurai's book of 
Relativistic Quantum Mechanics, is
light reading.  It discusses pair production, Compton Scattering,  
Photoelectric Effect at a high level.
It even addresses the infamous Raman Scattering.
     Joe Preisig
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cehn at aol.com writes:

Anyone  try refracting gammas with a prism?  The French are doing it.  See:


Not  sure how it works, but others (e.g., LBL) have worked on focusing  
x-rays.  I suspect the angles are small.

Joel  I. Cehn,  CHP
joelc at alum.wpi.edu

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