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Maury and Radsafe,
     Yes, Maury, this is the same article.
     Hope you are doing quite well...
     Joe Preisig
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Joe, is  this the one you  referenced?


Bizarre  tumor case may lead to custom cancer care
by Marilynn Marchione,  AP

It's a medical nightmare: a 24-year-old man endures 350 surgeries  since 
childhood to remove growths that keep coming back in his throat and  have 
spread to his lungs, threatening his life. Now doctors have found a  way 
to help him by way of a scientific coup that holds promise for  millions 
of cancer patients.

The bizarre case is the first use in a  patient of a new discovery: how 
to keep ordinary and cancerous cells alive  indefinitely in the lab.

The discovery allows doctors to grow "mini  tumors" from each patient's 
cancer in a lab dish, then test various drugs  or combinations on them to 
see which works best. It takes only a few cells  from a biopsy and less 
than two weeks to do, with materials and methods  common in most 
hospitals.  ....

On 9/28/2012  4:00 PM, JPreisig at aol.com wrote:
> Dear Radsafe,
>       Hey all.   There's a news item  by  Marilynn Marchione (AP) in
> yesterday's Trentonian (Trenton,  NJ,
> USA) about doctors/scientists taking cancer biopsy samples and  growing 
>   (for long times)
> in Petri dishes or  other lab dishes.  They then try out various
> compounds/chemicals  to treat the
> cancer cells to kill them.  Designer cancer  treatment, I guess.   You can
> read the article, possibly on  the
> internet.
>      Have a  good weekend...    Joseph R. (Joe)  Preisig,  PhD
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