[ RadSafe ] North Korean fuel estimates.

Emil kerrembaev at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 13 18:51:50 CDT 2013

Does any one know/guesstimates how far is this missile will fly i.e. how much rocket fuel is in the North Korean National Military Treasures?
The reason, I am asking because I and my local Stockton gang-bangers are worrying about will this missile have enough of fuel to get to Stockton Area or it will spare East Bay with the Central Valley and just fly short to fall on Palo Alto with Stanford? LOL.
Yes, we are all unique but as "Russians" are saying: In the end of the day, pardon my french, we all go to the "bathroom".
Hope this made you smile just a little.
At least those of us who lives East of I-5.
Emil Murat.

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