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Philip Simpson phils at umich.edu
Fri Aug 2 15:04:05 CDT 2013

The University of Michigan has the following equipment left from the decommissioning of the Ford Nuclear Reactor.  All was in good working order when stored about 5 years ago. Some has been used occasionally since.  These equipment have parts that are contaminated with fixed and/or removable contamination. The levels are typically 500 to 5000 dpm/100 cm^2.  The primary contaminants are Co-60 and Ag-108m.  We initially withheld disposal of this equipment with thought that it would be of value to other research reactor or licensed radioactive material handling facilities.  The time has now come for its final disposition - either re-use by someone else or disposal.  We would like to offer the equipment to any licensed user at the cost of shipping.  We will email photos to interested parties.  

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Please contact me directly for photos and further information:   phils at umich.edu

1.  Lukas PO 6 Hydraulic power unit and Lukas 511shear.  The power unit is 120V and has a pendant control. The shear is attached with approximately 10m hoses. Check the Lukas website.

2. C.S. Unitec hydraulic underwater reciprocating saw mounted in a custom cutoff fixture.  The fixture has a footprint of roughly 3ft x 2.5ft and a weight of 250 lbs.

3.  Holmatro hydraulic cutter with 1.5 in. guillotine blade and 1.5 in. throat.

4. Underwater lights:
	2 Brins dual light Model 5801 1000W  120V/8.3A  "Kelvin Pool Lights" mounted on 80" and 90" SS extensions. The lights have roughly 50 ft UL rated water resistant leads.  The light heads and leads could be removed from the extension poles.
	1 Brins single light Model 5801 1000W  120V/8.3A  "Kelvin Pool Light" mounted on an 18 ft. total length in three sections ss pole. The lead runs through the pole and and has an additional approximately 20 ft. length.
	2 underwater quartz halogen drop lights (360º)on approximately 50ft leads.

We also have the following items for the cost of shipping that we would hate to see buried Again, the recipient must have a suitable Radioactive Materials license.

Four Central Research Laboratory Model 8 remote manipulators. We obtained these from Battelle Columbus Laboratories when they decommissioned their Hot Cell facilities about 15 years ago. One pair were totally refurbished  "Hot Spares".  The second pair were fully functioning when removed from their Hot Cell facility.  We had every intention of using these in our own hot cells but they were built for cells with a 24" shield wall thickness and ours cells have a 36" walls.  I believe they would work for cells with up to about 30" wall thickness.  These are nice manipulators that we dearly wanted.  They have additional "z" motion that will allow them to reach the floor which is something our current manipulators will not do.  We contacted CRL to look into modification to fit our cells but the cost was going to be almost that of new manipulators.  We can provide the CRL build sheets for two of the manipulators.  The other two, which are still crated up are identical.

The last item is a very well designed and built transfer cask fabricated by ORNL to transfer irradiated steel specimens from our reactor pool to our hot cells for recovery and further processing.  The cask has a cylindrical cavity with internal diameter of 4 5/8" and length of 30"  The total shielding thickness Pb and Stainless Steel is 4".  The cask is removable from its shielded bottom to allow bottom loading.  A lateral 3/4" stainless steel retaining  rod fits 3/4" above the bottom of the cavity giving a useful length of 28 1/2". The top plug is in two parts with a central 1 1/4" hole for a cable to pass through.  One side is also removable which gives 3" wide access  through the side.  All the removable pieces provide labyrinth shielding.  Total weight is 1650 lbs.  Must see the photos to appreciate.

Again do not reply to these discussion boards.

Please contact me directly for photos and further information:   phils at umich.edu

Phil Simpson
Assistant Reactor Manager (ret.)
University of Michigan
Ford Nuclear Reactor.

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