[ RadSafe ] Nuclear Power for your Spaceship

JPreisig at aol.com JPreisig at aol.com
Sat Aug 10 15:38:15 CDT 2013

Dear Radsafe:
     Hope you all are well.
     Ancient Alien and UFO shows on USA Cable TV  (History Channel and H2 
etc.) continue to show UFO's, spaceships etc. and their  propulsion systems.
    I won't discuss the advanced fission propulsion system  hinted at by 
the kid with thick glasses who worked at Area 51 and/or Los  Alamos.  You can 
see his comments yourself on television.
   Also if people are doing relativistic space and/or time travel  etc. 
(wormholes, folded spacetime etc.) then that is well beyond what is being  
discussed here.
   Victor Schauberg(er)'s Advanced Jet propulsion system was  shown on 
UFO/Ancient Alien programs, and was already discussed a bit by me on  Radsafe.  
Basically a conventional jet can be amplified by forcing air (or  perhaps 
water in submarines) down into a jet cavity of conical (diminishing  downward) 
cross sectional area.  (See Bernoulli's equation on the  internet).  In 
this manner, one's spaceship can get a fair amount of  lift
by having multiple such advanced jets and electronic, gas or chemical  
driven, or fission/fusion driven systems to propel these jets.  Such jets  give 
nice linear translational motion.
     One achieves increases in propulsion drive  efficiency in going from 
chemical propulsion (keV energies) to fission/fusion  propulsion (MeV 
energies) to highly enriched Uranium and/or Plutonium systems  (10's to 100's of 
MeV's???).  So a spaceship (Glocke, Hannebu, UFO) will  have very much 
energy/power available to drive rotating advanced jet  engines.
     Another propulsion system for spacecraft has been  hanging around from 
World War II also.  It gives rather non-steady motion  in any linear 
dimension.  People describe seeing it in UFO shows, and one  show describes the 
outside of  the spacecraft spinning very rapidly.   Similar to the Earth's 
core spinning and producing a Magnetic field, a spinning  metal or liquid metal 
(mercury in a rotating cylinder???) can produce a serious  magnetic field.  
So, if you have such a spinning device as part of your  spacecraft, you can 
produce a rather serious magnetic field which will interact  with the 
Earth's magnetic field and/or the Sun's magnetic field.  If you  are a good 
physicist or engineer, you can propel yourself around the Solar  system in such a 
spaceship.  If you Google search  glocke  and/or  hannebu (German spaceship 
names), then perhaps you can read some chatroom  accounts of non-steady 
electromagnetic spaceship motion.  I think Tesla was  also familiar with these 
2 (or more) various space propulsion systems.   Later on in his life, 
apparently his work was snatched up by various  organizations, probably because it 
was thought to not belong in the public  domain.  Yum!!!  Computer control 
of such a magnetic drive system may  allow its flight dynamics to become 
more linear in spatial dimensions???
     Such spaceships, being flown around by various  governments and little 
green/Gray aliens, are surely wonderful for doing  reconnaissance viewing 
work, and can move rather freely in space, unlike  space satellites.  Our US 
spaceships have not made their way onto the  battlefield yet.  Maybe the 
government will unveil one in the next 20  years????  Take Care.
     Regards,     Joseph R.  Preisig

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