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 (Otto G. Raabe)
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Instead of debating what brand of lipstick to put on the pig, we should
be addressing the real safety issues. You can never explain away
Fukushima or other fiascos.

Compliance with the letter of the regs is not good enough. One engineer
with the competence and courage to insist the emergency generators be
flood protected would have prevented a tragedy that will affect
Bill Lipton
It's not about dose, it's about trust.

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From: Peter Crane
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Subject: Re: [ RadSafe ] "Communicating with the public and the press"
(Otto G. Raabe)
I respectfully suggest that straight talk, not euphemisms and evasions, sho=
uld characterize communication with the public, the press, and everyone els=
e.=C2=A0 Getting rid of the terms "risk" and "dose" would not achieve anyth=
ing positive.=C2=A0 The titles of some of your own papers, Dr. Raabe, such =
as "Influence of Time and Dose Rate on Cancer Risk from Internally Deposite=
d Radionuclides" and "Cancer Risks from Ingestion of Radiostrontium," are a=
dmirably straightforward, and I don't see anything in them that needs chang=

-- Peter Crane
NRC Counsel for Special Projects (retired).=20
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