[ RadSafe ] Neutron Generator regulations

Rees, Brian G brees at lanl.gov
Tue Aug 27 15:22:20 CDT 2013

What are the regulations regarding an electronic neutron generator?  Something like a D-D fusion type.  It's possible to make one in a reasonably well equipped lab, so if someone did, what licensing and use regulations would apply?
Regulations on an x-ray machine are fairly clear (and they're  MUCH more common! - both the machines, and regs!).
I realize that "standard radiation dose limits" would apply, but most of the regulations I see are associated with the Tritium content of a D-T generator, is there anything special someone would have to do if they made a D-D neutron generator?

And yes, I realize that if it was done in a DOE facility their rules would apply.

Thanks in advance!
Brian Rees

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