[ RadSafe ] Neutron Generator regulations

Stroud - CDPHE, Ed ed.stroud at state.co.us
Tue Aug 27 15:37:07 CDT 2013

Hi Brian,
In Colorado, we have a company that manufactures both D-T and D-D
generators, as well as licensees that use them. And, in Colorado, we
require end users of both types of generators to possess a radioactive
materials license. Why? Because these devices can generate lethal levels of
neutron radiation, and both will "make" activation products as soon as you
turn them on. If you wish, I'd be happy to discuss the details.

Ed Stroud, Compliance Lead
Radioactive Materials Unit
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

On Tue, Aug 27, 2013 at 2:22 PM, Rees, Brian G <brees at lanl.gov> wrote:

> What are the regulations regarding an electronic neutron generator?
>  Something like a D-D fusion type.  It's possible to make one in a
> reasonably well equipped lab, so if someone did, what licensing and use
> regulations would apply?
> Regulations on an x-ray machine are fairly clear (and they're  MUCH more
> common! - both the machines, and regs!).
> I realize that "standard radiation dose limits" would apply, but most of
> the regulations I see are associated with the Tritium content of a D-T
> generator, is there anything special someone would have to do if they made
> a D-D neutron generator?
> And yes, I realize that if it was done in a DOE facility their rules would
> apply.
> Thanks in advance!
> Brian Rees
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