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Moret was a Senior Scientific Technician at LLNL's Center for Applied
Scientific Computing.  It is believed that she failed the background check
and did not obtain required clearance to continue working at LLNL since she
worked there for 11 months.  She claims to have been LLNL whistleblower,
but is not.  That is verifiable.

see LLNL reply to California Public Records Act request


*http://tinyurl.com/7wssf3v <http://tinyurl.com/7wssf3v>*

Moret has a BS in Geology, but no known work experience as Geologist.  She
worked at LBNL as secretary to the late distinguished Professor Ian
Carmichael (
who got her additional work as the operator of the newly acquired
Differential Scanning Calorimeter.  This work earned Moret mention in the
papers by two doctoral candidates who later rose to be chair of major
university Geology departments.  I have corresponded with one of them; the
other has ignored my numerous attempts to communicate with him.

Moret was appointed to the City of Berkeley Community Environmental
Advisory Commission (
http://www.ci.berkeley.ca.us/Community_Environmental_Advisory_Commission/ )

and later removed from that Commission for failure to attend meetings.
This entited Moret to the honorific of "Commissioner", but Moret claims
that she was the Berkeley Environmental Commissioner implying that she was
someone in authority with staff instead of one of nine citizen members of
the Commission.

Moret has made numerous wild claims over the years, but still appeals to
audiences because she puts on a terrific show as long as you know
absolutely nothing about science.  At the Vancouver, BC 9/11 Truth
Conference, Moret claimed that atmospheric nuclear testing caused a drop in
SAT scores and rise in autism and worst yet that the Nobel Laureate Dr
Glenn T Seaborg was so enamored with his team having discovered Plutonium
that he carried a small piece in his pocket and continually fingered this
in public to the point that the radiation caused his hand to become a
claw.  People should have deserted her in droves, but Nelson, a remote
British Columbia mountain community, later held a benefit concert to
pay Moret for a week of indoctrinating them into the horrors of "uranium".

Moret closely associates with Alfred Lamont Webre of Vancouver, BC, another
exceptional self-promoter who claimed decades ago to have had close
encounters with space aliens.  Moret has also appeared in videos with Chris
Busby about Fukushima.

Roger Helbig

On Sun, Dec 22, 2013 at 3:03 AM, Lawrence Jacobi <
rjacobi at jacobiconsulting.net> wrote:

> If you want to be entertained, you need to watch this video.  Ms. Moret,
> who claims to be a LLNL scientist, says the United States and the UK
> monarchy are behind the Fukushima “genocide.”  I can’t believe anyone would
> believe anything this woman says.
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=zkZ7v_6nsl0
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