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Victor Anderson victor.anderson at frontier.com
Fri Feb 15 18:21:38 CST 2013

Chicken Little was right.  The sky is falling. :)  And I was just watching
some H2 shows about comet and meteor strikes.  Hopefully our congress
critters are watching and listening.  I am also glad that the Russians are
smart enough to know the difference between a meteor strike and a nuke
weapon.  Us and the Russians still have a lot of nuke weapons pointed at
each other.  GLUP.




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Dear Radsafe:


    Google News is packed with several news items of  interest.


    Apparently, one of the Nuclear Waste tanks at Hanford is  leaking.


    A meteor has hit the USSR, injuring 1100 people.   Apparently there are 

videos of this event on

Google news.


    There are also a few smaller items on cancer and  genetics.


    Have a good weekend... Joe Preisig






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