[ RadSafe ] Neutron Detection Instrument Recommendation

Ted de Castro tdc at xrayted.com
Mon Feb 25 13:55:28 CST 2013

HPI (Health Physics Instruments - Goleta, CA) has neutron detection 
instruments, fixed or portable  They do NORMALLY have moderators and He3 
tubes ----- for many good reasons --- HOWEVER - I'm SURE they would sell 
you one without a moderator and with a BF3 tube.

Also - just "cobbling one up" with normally available lab electronics 
(NIM) shouldn't be a problem either - the preamp might be the biggest 

In any event - the HPI fixed unit is very versatile and only needs a 
scaler for readout and a 12vdc source for power.  Its two pieces - the 
pre-amp/amp/hv/discriminator/tube head and an interface unit - the ones 
I used were NIM but HPI can probably make almost any configuration you 

On 2/25/2013 11:27 AM, Cueva, Louie wrote:
> I received an atypical "Friday afternoon" question from a researcher and wanted to share with the list.  His interest is in detecting ambient thermal neutrons via boron interactions.  Essentially he's looking for a "bare" BF3 detection instrument without a polyethylene moderator.  Hoping to garner ideas for commercial off the shelf products (or close to it) that might fit the bill?  Most results I found in quick internet searches of common radiation safety instrumentation providers yielded instruments that are either moderated or have moved to He-3 detector designs.
> Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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