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S L Gawarecki slgawarecki at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 19:59:16 CST 2013

This is a radiation safety list.  Most of the folks here are technical
experts in the field of health physics, nuclear engineering, or a related
field dealing with radioactivity.  I've notice that this group tend to
reject and marginalize those agenda-driven list members (generally
anti-nuclear activists) who advance theories about the terrible health
effects of DU or exposure to low level radiation.

Similarly, climate scientists know that the buildup of greenhouse gases is
causing global warming.  Like all of you, they are technical experts in
their field.  And yes, they marginalize and reject those that disagree with
them and who aren't willing to examine the scientific underpinnings.

Interestingly, it was the former CEO of ExxonMobil that funded a group of
scientists to come up with arguments against human-induced global warming
because to have carbon controls become government policy would harm his
company.  This was eagerly accepted by a largely conservative audience to
serve partisan ends.

I suggest that if you have serious doubts about the human-caused component
of global warming, go talk to several climate scientists (not
meteorologists--weather is different from climate) and have a look at their
data.  The science is there, just like it is for those who work with

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Steve Frey wrote:
"Unconvincing. And the "To deny any link between greenhouse gases and the
average Earth temperature reality is an extreme case of hubris"remark is not
only patronizing, it's hysteria weakens your claim.

Since global warming proponents got caught conspiring to ostracize critics
in the University of East Anglia email dump, global warming lost its
credibility. Moreover, changing of "global warming" to "climate change" is
actually refreshing, because it smacks of recognition by proponents that the
public isn't buying it. But, what a whopper of a mistake to rename it such
that every weather problem can be attributed to greenhouse gases. All  of
all the time. You might as well cry "Wolf!"."

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