[ RadSafe ] WHO report on Fukushima cancer risk

Victor Anderson victor.anderson at frontier.com
Thu Feb 28 20:39:57 CST 2013

Interesting, very interesting.  What I am surprised about is that the news
article is critical of the WHO report as overstating any cancer risk.  Could
it be that the news media is not entirely convinced of the anti-radiation
crowd's arguments concerning the so called risk of low level radiation?  I
have not seen the numbers and will have to read the UN report, but an extra
1% seems to imply individual doses of around 0.25 Sv.  That seems a tad
high.  Have I got my risk figures right?  Just relying on memory here.  But
I smell a rat.  BTW Otto is right, the so-called risk of increased cancer to
the population around Fukushima is bunk.  None the less, one would expect
the UN to do a better job.  Off to the read the actual report.


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Feb. 28

	The risk is minute, says WHO.


Steven Dapra

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