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JPreisig at aol.com JPreisig at aol.com
Thu Jan 3 14:42:31 CST 2013

Dear Radsafe:
     Hey All.  OT----
     Hope you all are well.  I expect the drought  in the USA (and Northern 
Hemisphere???) (and World???)
will extend mostly in the time range 2020 +/- 6 years or so.  Earth  polar 
motion peaks (times of extremely
warm summers and extremely cold winters) were in 1910, 1954, 1998,  (2042). 
 The in between
Earth polar motion (i.e. Chandler Wobble(s) and Annual Wobble) times are  
1932, 1976, 2020 etc.
You may recall the Dust Storms (Central USA) in 1932.  See Ken Burns'  
Documentary on these hard
times.  I personally do not recall conditions of drought in 1976 or  
thereabouts.  I expect, with only some
fairly rudimentary evidence that 2020 will be much like 1932.
    Canada will probably enjoy warm times in this time  period around 2020 
(i.e fairly warm winters).
    Apparently there are reports of a fairly dry winter in  the midwest 
USA.  People in the Mississippi
River Region are also reporting low River Water Levels.
    Clearly the Earth's Ice Caps melt and re-solidify each  year, depending 
on whether the season is
winter or Summer.  I suspect around 2020 that the Earth's Ice Caps  will 
re-solidify more and more 
as time goes on (especially with respect to recent times).  The  various 
Earth periodic solar and thermal
cycles will continue onward and repeat.
   As for any superimposed global warming signature, due to human  causes, 
well that has already been
discussed here.  Various people have various opinions.  Data  taken over 
the next 5 to 10 years
should resolve this question a bit.
    We made it through December 21, 2012.   Whew!!!  Mayan Tourism is 
booming, apparently.

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