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Hey Radsafe Folks:
     This set of presentations by the Anti-Nuke People  is Quite One-Sided 
in an Anti-Nuclear
Direction.  There is no attempt for a fair and balanced  discussion.  This 
is an old-fashioned
lynching of Nuclear Power???
     The HPSociety and its members who live close to  this meeting should 
buy tickets to attend this meeting, in force.  They  should be ready to ask 
relevant questions of the speaking panel members.
If they wanted to behave like the Anti-Nuke crowd, they might  just cause a 
general audio etc. 
commotion and try to shout these speakers down.  What each HP  Society 
Member or
Health Physicist, Nuclear Engineer, Rad Tech etc. does is their own  
    The speakers at this meeting already have their minds  made up about 
nuclear power and
radiation.  I doubt much can be done to influence their thinking,  other 
than educating them in the 
direction of truth and/or scientific fact.
    Too bad there aren't any large earthquake faults lying  directly under 
this meeting.
    Be good...  Joe Preisig
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Sounds like a very interesting idea.  How do you plan on carrying that out. 


Regarding the  question about how I would influence the coverage of this 
conference, I’m not  sure what is being implied here.

As a long-time member of the WBAI  family with decades of production 
experience here and at Capital Radio in  London (Google Robbie Barish in quotes) I 
can present a panel to assist the  local station personnel in putting 
together their team for this.

Robbie  Barish

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