[ RadSafe ] Article by Vincent Giuliano on "Radiation Hormesis"

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Thank you so much for posting! Don't really know the answer to your
question.  In my humble opinion, we first need to come up with a better
standard.  The next step would be put our collective heads together and
figure out the answer(s) to your important question and in general
implementation of the new standard.  We may need to go directly to congress
(a messy process) or perhaps we can deal directly with the regulators.  One
of the issues with radiation safety standards and guides in the USA and I
suspect in other countries is that every department and agency seems to have
its own set of standards and in some cases more than one.  Try dealing with
the Navy.  First there is the NRC master license, then there is Naval
Reactors, then there is the medical commands, and then GKW (God knows what?
An old rad waste classification. :).  Remediation and decommissioning in
general is an one of those areas needs improvement.  (May be understatement
of last two centuries.)  It also illustrates the magnitude of the problem of
implementation.  There are companies and individuals who have made large
sums of money in remediation projects to meet the EPA standard of 15 mrem/y
and the idea of getting down to a risk of 1E-6 to the populace living on
remediated land.  Then there is the whole cottage industry of protests and
being interveners.  And of course, the EPA itself.  In any case, I believe
that answers can be found.




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So, now how do we convince EPA that 15 mrem per year (the expensive 

super fund cleanup standard) is not hazardous?






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