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JPreisig at aol.com JPreisig at aol.com
Mon Jul 1 12:48:55 CDT 2013

Dear Kjell/Radsafe:
     I'm not talking about the usual BIG-size power  reactors.  I'm talking 
about the new small modular reactors
being built in the USA.  One reactor per village???
    Not related, but also see new Radiochemist job opening  at Argonne 
National Lab.  Also 4 HP Tech Jobs open there also.
    Joe Preisig
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Kjell.Johansen at nexteraenergy.com writes:

Except for the RSA, I do not think their infrastructure could  handle power 

Kjell Johansen
Nuclear Chemistry  Analyst
NextERA Energy Point  Beach
kjell.johansen at NextERAEnergy.com

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Dear Radsafe:

Hope  you are all well.

The president is speaking of  electrifying  Africa, with more 
dependable  electricity.

Perhaps the Health Physics  Society should  tell him about small 
modular nuclear  reactors.

Joe  Preisig


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