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Dimiter Popoff didi at tgi-sci.com
Tue Jul 2 09:39:14 CDT 2013

Small scale power source diversity certainly looks attractive,
especially if one has postcatastrophic nightmares. Which most of us
probably have - for example, I did not think I had any but recently
I began considering - almost seriously - the idea for autonomous
power for a small house. Not that we have many blackouts or

I was (I suppose I still am) thinking of a steam engine, something
like 10-20kW. Would burn anything, not too noisy.

One thought lead to another so here is a question:

Would it be feasible to boil the water for it using some plutonium
(or whatever) thing, sort of like those used with Peltier conversion on satellites?
(I am really illiterate on that, I just know how to measure spectra 
when it comes to "radiation"). Now clearly nobody would let me
have my plutonium thingie in my yard, that much I do know :-).
So until the catastrophy takes effect I will run the steam
engine on wood, cole, oil... after that we'll see :D .


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>Hi all,
>Just curious: have they built one of these modular reactors yet? Even as a =
>prototype? That would make some interesting reading.
>Mattias Olsson
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>NuScale makes these babies. I'd love to see them dotted all over rural area=
>Regards, Jim Darrough

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