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Dimiter Popoff didi at tgi-sci.com
Fri Jul 19 13:02:47 CDT 2013


>... Unless so
>many western "experts" turn up their nose on anything coming from an
>Eastern country, I did not buy it (it was cheap) for precision

being openminded is of course a good thing. 

I am not sure how "eastern" a country Bulgaria is nowadays (being in the EU),
but I can assure you we have precision instruments which not
only beat any other offer on the market in terms of resolution,
temperature stability etc. but are also cheaper.

Posting this because I know the "eastern" generalisation is
very common if not in the minds then in the back of the minds of
most people - rightly so most of the time, actually, but
certainly not *all* of the time.


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>Hi Andy,
> Nice to hear from you again!
>Yes, I have a dose-rate meter from Polimaster. but I did not purchase it
>for accuracy. You might know that they are made in Bjelorussia. Unless so
>many western "experts" turn up their nose on anything coming from an
>Eastern country, I did not buy it (it was cheap) for precision
>measurements! My interrest was to detect slighthly and more enhanced gamma
>dose rates. I never checked it for accuracy. A typical use was, when I was
>a few years ago in the four corner area to look for the remainants of
>uranium mining. (I am interrested in the history.) It helped me a lot to
>find fascinating places of the old primtive methods to dig a hole and
>extract millons of=B4$ (I am joking) worth of uranium. Be sure that I did n=
>carry the instrument as an alarm! This nonscientific survey was great fun
>for me. Another interesting use of this dose rate meter is the hunt for
>radioactive minll erals. We have two or three times a large mineral fair in
>Vienna and I use to scan "suspicious" minerals with this meter, and if
>positive buy it. My original trick to tell the owners, that they had
>radioactive minerals and that I would help them to dispose them of, did not
>You may consider what you really need for and then consult the companies
>I have recently been in hospital for five weeks because of five broken toes
>on my left foot and the main "toe bone". No chance to visit the
>interresting conferences in the near future, but maybe we'll meet at
>another one. I do not give up so easily.
>Best wishes,
>2013/7/3 KARAM, PHILIP <PHILIP.KARAM at nypd.org>
>> Just wondering if anyone has any experience with Polimaster - their meters
>> look good on the web page, but I'm interested in how durable they are, if
>> they're a fairly good value, and how reliable and accurate they are. Ease
>> of use is important also.
>> Thanks!
>> Andy
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>> Director of Radiological Operations
>> NYPD Counterterrorism
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