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Gundersen and his converts like this "Japanese" diplomat, perhaps once a
man of some distinction, but now nothing more than a flunky for Gundersen,
never give up.  Does anyone know anything about the "diplomat" - the
Japanese Department of State was not much help.  I have thought about
asking the Japanese Consulate in San Francisco, but have not gone over to
see them.

Roger Helbig
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  Christina MacPherson posted: "
http://fairewinds.org/podcast/fighting-a-dragon-i-cannot-see  Japanese
Diplomat: We are facing global catastrophe over next 40-100 years because
of Fukushima nuclear disaster (VIDEO)
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<http://nuclear-news.net/author/christinamacpherson/>  VIDEO: Global effect
of Fukushima radiation<http://nuclear-news.net/2013/06/08/video-global-effect-of-fukushima-radiation/>
Christina MacPherson <http://nuclear-news.net/author/christinamacpherson/>
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  *Japanese Diplomat: We are facing global catastrophe over next 40-100
years because of Fukushima nuclear disaster (VIDEO)

*Title: Fighting a dragon I cannot
*Source: Fairewinds Energy Education*
*Date: June 5, 2013*

Nathaniel White-Joyal, Host: It’s clear that the west coast of the United
States will be affected by the radiation from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear

Akio Matsumura, Diplomat: Let me clarify. We are facing global disaster —
catastrophe — occurring. From that perspective, over 40 years, 50 years, or
maybe 100 years. We cannot escape from this fact. For that we have to keep
in mind. […] This radioactive material, or contaminated water, any cases,
reach out to your west coast as well. If you are counting on Japan, I can
assure you now they do not take serious action.
*Watch the video
  *Christina MacPherson<http://nuclear-news.net/author/christinamacpherson/>
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