[ RadSafe ] Teller and Climate change

S L Gawarecki slgawarecki at gmail.com
Sun Mar 3 22:56:05 CST 2013


How many of these scientists are CLIMATE scientists?

Think about how many scientists with the Union of Concerned Scientists are
convinced that nuclear power can never be safe, that any level of radiation
exposure will cause cancer, etc.

Scientists taking positions outside of their field are not much better at
judging the pertinent technical issues than the informed lay person.
Moreover, they are not immune from having political and social agendas

And if you reject global warming, I can send numerous links that
demonstrate the accelerated melting of mountain glaciers, ice caps, and sea
ice over the past 40 or so years.

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Howard Long wrote:

"Edward Teller leads our 32,000 scientists, at www.petitionproject.org
with conclusive data backing REJECTION  of the selective, global tax hoax
of global cooling, global warming or climate change."

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