[ RadSafe ] Teller and Climate change and Radiation Scientists

Howard Long howard.long at comcast.net
Tue Mar 5 10:03:44 CST 2013

Dozens of the Petitioners are CLIMATE scientosts.
Have you yet critically studied for an hour the DATA in 12 pages of graphs at
www.petitionproject.org that they reviewed before signing, including that on glaciers?
I vouch for the extreme objectivity of data presenters: Robinsons and Soon.
They "try to prove themselves wrong" (the null hypothesis).

CO2 increase COULD NOT cause Global T increase because it follows!

I have personally quized many CLİMATE SCİENTİSTS at DDP meetings for 20 years, 
following their 1 hour specialized presentations. 
You come quiz them, the TOP climate scientists. See www.ddponline.org
"The 2013 DDP Annual Meeting will be July 12-15 in Houston, TX.
Meeting hotel is the Houston Marriott South at Hobby Airport, 9100 Gulf Pkwy.
Room rate is $84/night from July 11-16 ".

Teller is mentioned because 1, familiar to radsafers and 2, originator of DDP,
and 3,front signer of the Petition to stop this global tax hoax,
also exposed in footnotes of Dr Michael Chrichton's State of Fear.

Howard Long

On Mar 3, 2013, at 8:56 PM, S L Gawarecki <slgawarecki at gmail.com> wrote:

> Howard,
> How many of these scientists are CLIMATE scientists?
> Think about how many scientists with the Union of Concerned Scientists are
> convinced that nuclear power can never be safe, that any level of radiation
> exposure will cause cancer, etc.
> Scientists taking positions outside of their field are not much better at
> judging the pertinent technical issues than the informed lay person.
> Moreover, they are not immune from having political and social agendas
> themselves.
> And if you reject global warming, I can send numerous links that
> demonstrate the accelerated melting of mountain glaciers, ice caps, and sea
> ice over the past 40 or so years.
> Regards,*
> **Susan Gawarecki*
> ph: 865-494-0102
> cell:  865-604-3724
> SLGawarecki at gmail.com
> Howard Long wrote:
> "Edward Teller leads our 32,000 scientists, at www.petitionproject.org
> with conclusive data backing REJECTION  of the selective, global tax hoax
> of global cooling, global warming or climate change."
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