[ RadSafe ] Food, urine, and feces as radiation shield for Mars mission

Cary Renquist cary.renquist at ezag.com
Tue Mar 5 12:48:27 CST 2013

I'm sure that this will be a popular story in the news...

Mars trip to use astronaut poo as radiation shield

The man and woman aboard the Inspiration Mars mission set to fly-by the
Red Planet in 2018 will face cramped conditions, muscle atrophy and
potential boredom. But their greatest health risk comes from exposure to
the radiation from cosmic rays. The solution? Line the spacecraft's
walls with water, food and their own feces.

One idea that is already under consideration by the agency's Innovative
Advanced Concepts programme, which funds research into futuristic space
technology, is a project called Water Walls, which combines life-support
and waste-processing systems with radiation shielding

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