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Tue Mar 5 12:51:37 CST 2013

Radsafe/Rob Gunter,
     What a cool problem.  Professional Riggers  are probably the right way 
to go.  They'll do the job in a day.
If you all decide to do the job yourself, the pallet lifters are pretty  
cool.  Make sure everyone wears their steel toe boots the day of the  move.
    Unloading and re-assembling the shield may also be  another way to go.  
You're doing the move with the source in place???   Let's be careful out 
    I've seen Riggers move lathes and other machine tools  around by 
rolling them around on solid metal cylindrical rods.  The trick  is getting the 
shield up onto that first rod using a crane, crowbars, many
strong people etc.  Then you kind of roll the shield on the rods until  you 
get the shield to where you want it to go.  You may need 3 or 4 or 5  such 
rods.  Roll the shield slowly.  Don't develop linear  momentum.
Eventually you'll have to get the shield down off the rods.  Again be  
   Riggers do this stuff everyday.  I once saw a rigger dude  pick up a 
jackhammer, put it to his shoulder
and drill through a vertical concrete wall.  Amazing.
   Which philosopher said "Give me a lever, and I will move the  
   Good Luck.  Hire a good Rigger.
   Joe Preisig
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rjgunter at chpconsultants.com writes:

Greetings All,

We are trying to move a Canberra Model  747 Pb shield into a room and onto
its stand and need some advice.  We  can get it into the room with a 
and even set it onto the stand,  but must then move it about 8 feet.  We are
concerned with moving it  while loaded on the stand as it will be top heavy.
We cannot get the  forklift into the room.  The unit weighs 3000 lbs and has
lifting  eyes.

I am sure someone out there has done this and can give some  advice.  I 
much prefer to lift the device onto the stand once in  the room, but am not
familiar with small enough portable equipment capable  getting into the room
through a 36" door and lifting this 3000 lb  device.  Another way we could 
this is to load it onto the stand  with a forklift from outside the room and
then "slide" it over about 10  feet.  This does not seem like a very safe 
to do this since it is  so top heavy.

Perhaps there are lifting devices that can be  rented?

Any advice would be  appreciated.



Robert J. Gunter,  MSc, CHP

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