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Thank you so much for the information on the neutron sources.   I was hoping these sources would be "small" enough not to warrant too much regulatory headache since we will add it to our license.

The researcher is developing neutron detectors so he will need these sources when the unit is ready to be tested.  His set-up included an aluminum box around the source and detector so that was my concern for neutron activation of the aluminum.  We will have the source in a secure locked cabinet when not in use, and I am waiting to see what type container it will be shipped in- they may provide the necessary shielding when it is stored.  The only other source we had was a Cf-252 from many years ago and it was shielded with a huge paraffin container.  I think we could get a shield made easily if needed.
We do have an old "rem ball" that we will attempt to get calibrated.  If not, we will look to purchase one.

Again- Thank you for your response.
Have a great weekend.

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