[ RadSafe ] Fwd: [New post] Tomatoes, deformed by Fukushima radiation, on sale in Japan

Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Sun May 5 11:00:28 CDT 2013

May 5

         What is the point of persecuting the nuclear industry based 
on the false argument that it has caused tomatoes to mutate? --- or 
for that matter --- based on any false argument?

Steven Dapra

At 05:37 AM 5/4/2013, you wrote:
>On Sat, 4 May 2013 02:16:03 -0700, you wrote:
> >Somehow, I strongly doubt that tomatoes have been mutated by Fukushima
> >radiation, but this is the kind of thing that is constantly being pumped
> >out to destroy the nuclear power industry around the world.  It does not
> >take knowledge to motivate politicians, it only takes lots of potential
> >voters raising their voices loudly!
> >
> >Roger Helbig
> >
>When the nuclear power industry contaminates wide areas of
>populated and fertile land and poisones the fish grounds along
>the coast, then there is no argument left against destroying the
>nuclear industry, regardless whether the tomatos are really mutated
>or not, which they probably aren't. and which argument is
>irrelevant considering the widespread damage done by the nuclear
>industry. It does not take knowledge to motivate politicians, it only
>takes lots of potential voters raising their voices loudly!

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