[ RadSafe ] A judges' criticism of John W Gofman ? Arthur R Tamplin?

Perle, Sandy sperle at mirion.com
Thu May 9 21:19:08 CDT 2013

Steve, thank you for providing these 3 links. Interesting that BEIR
Reports basically supported what Dr. Gofman's research developed.
Assertions that he simply took on an anti-nuclear stance due to AEC
funding being eliminated is pretty far fetched. I didn't know all about
his history but it is obvious his knowledge was significant and he was
selected to head divisions by some of the pioneers in the nuclear
industry. Let the facts speak for themselves.



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On 5/9/13 6:30 PM, "Steven Dapra" <sjd at swcp.com> wrote:

>May 9
>         Brief and unsourced descriptions of Gofman's confrontation
>with the AEC.  From sympathetic sources.
>         University of California's obituary for John Gofman:
>Steven Dapra
>At 11:40 AM 5/9/2013, you wrote:
>>My memory is not the greatest and I do not want to "tell tales", but I
>>do recall that many years ago when Gofman was "in the news" a
>>colleague of mine who knew of more detail of Gofman's life and work
>>told me in conversation that Gofman "became one of the critics of
>>radiation" because he was very angry that his AEC (or XXX???) grant
>>was not renewed.
>>This recollection is now just one of those old memories that stick
>>without all the supporting and convincing "facts" and nothing more at
>>this time.
>>However, I mention this recollection in the hope that there may be
>>some of our list members who do remember Gofman's life much better
>>than I do.  This is "NOT to throw dirt", but in the interest of the
>>historic foundation of how radiation got to be so feared by the public.
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