[ RadSafe ] What's Killing The Nuclear Industry?

David Lee davidleesafe at gmail.com
Wed May 15 16:41:03 CDT 2013

A very interesting thing with the trust. Accidents and too many skeletons
in the closets do not help, for sure.

The answer is d) none of the above. Technological progress. 60 years of
the old nuclear steam machines with Carnot cycle are not an answer.
Any one have seen Bill and Belinda Gates with Charlie Rose, I think, it was
on PBS or Bloomberg business news, a couple of days ago?
Quite interesting, Bill was showing a some kind of a new nuclear reactor
concept sketch, it looked sort of a rectangular form with 20 years fuel
cycle (between refuelings). Fuel was burning, beginning from the left side
towards the other. I cut the end of the program so did not really get the
whole idea...The good news, now we know Bill is with us ;-)  I would assume
where Bill goes Warren would follow. Both these gentlemen and lady are in
the business of saving children and healing sick.
So there are HUGE investments, the next we need new Teslas and Edisons.
Defending old tea pots, will not change things for better, it is like
fixing old Festiva, it is always sick but never dies.

On Tue, May 14, 2013 at 5:13 PM, Steven Dapra <sjd at swcp.com> wrote:

> At 12:07 PM 5/14/2013, you wrote:
>  Will any corporation ever be trusted again? Will the federal government
>> ever again be trusted to regulate corporations for the public good?
>         The federal government can't regulate itself for the public good.
> How can it possibly be expected to regulate anyone or anything else for
> anyone's good?
> Steven Dapra
>  The trust deficit extends way beyond the nuclear industry and has
>> seriously
>> eroded confidence in any of this country's institutions. It is a generally
>> held belief that government no longer responds to the wishes of the vast
>> majority of citizens, but only to a tiny elite of corporate executives and
>> the mega-rich. If the nuclear industry ever revives in this country, it
>> will be because the federal government decided to ignore the wishes of the
>> public. In that regard, I suppose, the chances of a revival are not so
>> bad.
>> Clayton Bradt
>> Principal Radiophysicist
>> NYS Dept. of Health
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>> Subject: [ RadSafe ] What's Killing The Nuclear Industry?
>> As a supporter of nuclear power, who retired after working 26 years at a
>> nuclear power plant, it is frustrating to read the many postings and
>> arguments regarding LNT, hormesis, mutated tomatoes at Fukushima, the
>> dangers of coal,  etc.  You don't get it!
>> The future of nuclear power will NOT be decided by whether low level
>> radiation exposure is good or bad, whether the media is biased, whether
>> our
>> government is controlled by antinukes, or whether other ways of producing
>> electricity are just as hazardous.
>> There is only one question that the public cares about:  Can the nuclear
>> industry be trusted to manage the technology?
>> I dare anyone to answer, "Yes," to that.
>> Going forward, discussions should focus on what we can do to change this
>> situation.  The burden of proof is on us.
>> Bill Lipton
>> It's not about dose, it's about trust.
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