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Ernesto Faillace ernesto.faillace at gmail.com
Wed Nov 6 13:34:17 CST 2013

Pandora's Promise is definitely NOT anti-nuclear - It's a documentary that,
in addition to giving an overview of nuclear power's status post-Fukushima,
features multiple interviews with former anti-nuclear activists who
currently support nuclear power (even post-Fukushima), primarily out of
concern for global warming should the nuclear option be taken out of the
energy mix.  Also features a great exchange with Helen Caldicott (and shows
just how irrational her unreformed anti-nuclear views can be...)

While it's not the most scintillating documentary (in my opinion there is
too much dialog - it's like watching a much longer "60 Minutes" segment),
it is quite educational, fairly objective and factual, with balanced tone,
and highly recommended to family and friends who might be on the fence
about nuclear power.

Definitely worth watching!


Ernesto Faillace
AREVA Federal Services
Charlotte, NC

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> Radsafe,
>      CNN apparently is airing a show called Pandora's  Promise about
> Nuclear Power on Thursday night.  I expect the program will  be
> anti-nuclear????
> It would be nice if they could keep such a feature  news report
> factual.
>      The next really big earthquake in Japan (magnitude  8.0 or above,
> complete with big tsunami) probably won't be at Fukushima, but  probably
> will be
> somewhere else along the Japanese coastline.  Hopefully,  by then, Japanese
> nuclear plants along the coast will have improved their  seawalls and will
> have placed their backup power systems in protected  areas.
>     Joe Preisig
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> >David Suzuki has issued a scary warning about  Japan's Fukushima nuclear
> >plant, saying that if it falls in a future  earthquake, it's "bye bye
> Japan..
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> What  nonsense.
> 75-year old David Suzuki is zoologist who seems to champion
> irrational causes from the faulty global warming hypothesis
> to the  wildly incorrect low dose radiation risk  estimates.
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