[ RadSafe ] Arafat Po poisoning report

Tue Nov 12 08:56:09 CST 2013

The report estimates an administered dose on the order of 1 GBq. After about 20 half-lives there would be about 1 kBq of total activity remaining of the original dose - only a fraction of this would be in any single location and a fair amount would have been excreted, but with detection limits in the vicinity of 1 mGq it is plausible that there would be enough left to be detectable.

According to an HPS fact sheet on Po-210 (http://hps.org/documents/po210factsheet.pdf) the dose from 1 microgram (about 166 MBq) is 40 Sv. If the Po-210 had an uptake fraction of about 0.1, so 1 GBq administered would give a dose of about 24 Sv. This would seem adequate to cause fatal ARS.


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There is no way to estimate a dose from the activities reported in this
paper.  The uncertainties are large and by the time you back-calculate the
ingested activity the uncertainty is so large as to make any estimate

All that can be said is that the results of this study are consistent with
a lethal dose of Po210 being administered (tens of millicuries to result in
death within a month).  That being said, just about any activity measured
this far out would be consistent with that assumption.

Clayton Bradt
Principal Radiophysicist
NYS Dept. of Health

Dear List
Can anybody calculate  a dose (Since no attempt was done in the report) ? I
mean can we suggest an Acute Radiation Syndrome as a cause of death without
a dose estimation??
Dov Bricner (Dubi)  MD
Beer-Seva         ISRAEL
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