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Hi Charlie,
Where do you get 1Bq/g and notification requirements from? Title VII just refers to "Significant Increase in Exposure". The only level mentioned is >1mSv/year for aircrew. there is no mention of concentrations, reporting, nor is it specic to U or Th, all natural gamma radiation, plus Radon, Thoron and their daughters are addressed. The flight crew exposure is cosmic, not NORM.
Robert Atkinson.

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Hello, Radsafe -

I have a question regarding current regulation of NORM materials in European

In accordance with Title VII of EC Directive 96/29 as transposed into national
law of the Member States, is it obligatory for a company using a NORM -
containing material having 1 Bq/g or more U and Th to "notify" the relevant
authority?  [My specific reference material is a zirconia ceramic at 2 Bq/g

Alternatively, if a company using such material has performed occupational and
public dose assessments confirming worker and public dose is indistinguishable
from background, is the company exempt from further NORM regulatory

Any information regarding NORM regulation in the EU is greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Charlie Simmons
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