[ RadSafe ] Concerning Rizzini's claim of one ug U-238

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From the IAEA document Depleted uranium: sources, exposure and health effects, Executive Summary it states:

On average, approximately 90 μg (micrograms) of uranium exist in the human body from normal intakes of water, food and air; approximately 66% is found in the skeleton, 16% in the liver, 8% in the
kidneys and 10% in other tissues.

So with 99.27% of that being U-238................


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Rizzini has been quoted as saying that one microgram of U-238 can kill a person. An article from March 31, 2011, Rizzini once again claims that 1 microgram of uranium is enough to kill a person:

PLEASE CHECK MY MATH: According to ICRP-2 (page 81) a human can have a body burden of U-238 of 0.5 microcuries without lifetime risk.
That is 0.5 microcuries times 3.7 x 109 Bq/uCi = 1.9 x 109 Bq. One microgram of U-238 equals 0.012 Bq.

Hence, according to ICRP-2 a human could have an internal burden of about ten grams without significant radiation risk.

Am I missing something here? Please check my math.


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