[ RadSafe ] Concerning Rizzini's claim of one ug U-238

Mon Oct 28 14:50:09 CDT 2013

Technically correct- but we have to then ask what the odds are. There's also a finite chance that somebody will be killed by a meteorite, but there aren't very many meteor-related deaths on record.

When you get to a vanishingly small risk - one that's too small to "see" and that can only be calculated - then you have to wonder if we're engaged in science (making predictions that can be tested and falsified if incorrect) or philosophy.


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My previous post should read "BEIR committee", not "NRCP".

If, as according to the NCRP  BEIR committee, a single alpha particle is
sufficient to initiate cancer, then certainly one microgram of U238 could
do the trick.

Clayton J. Bradt
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