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Guilmette, Todd tguilme at sandia.gov
Tue Sep 3 10:55:24 CDT 2013

Hello all,

I am doing some research here to gather some data for a possible upcoming inventory.  I would like to know what software companies are using for their radioactive source tracking.

I assume most companies have their own custom software.  I don't see many off the shelf software programs for sale online.

We use our own custom software here, and I assume all of the other DOE labs also have their own custom stuff.

Can people please pitch in from different sites and tell me if they have a custom home-grown software, or if they are using a commercial program?

This includes reactors, NRC licensed sites and DOE sites, and also outside the US.

I did a search in the RadSafe archives and didn't find much.

Thanks much!

Todd Guilmette

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