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Hmm. The "global warming/climate change discussion rears its ugly head again. I have serious doubts about "science" which advocates a major role for man in global climate change. ONE volcanic eruption puts more "climate changing gases" into the atmosphere than ALL of mankind's activities combined (that includes the Industrial Revolution). Have you all seen what our government plans on doing to 'help' this 'problem' here at home? They plan on 'regulating' COW emissions (picture' gas' here or some other memorable image). You heard that right. How can this be done? Just force farmers to produce fewer cows (less supply will dramatically increase the price of all related food in our country). I have had enough, but I digress...

Please note that the bulk IPCC report, upon which much of the 'concern' of man made contributions is based, was CHAIRED not by a scientist, but rather by an ECONOMIST. That's right, an economist. Much of the underdeveloped world contributes more to this 'problem' than the developed world; yet those who authored this ICCP report almost demand that the developed world solve the problem. And how do they suggest this be done? The developed world must redistribute its wealth! Yes, this 'concern' is all couched in money (give US money to corrupt governments in the third world in hopes that the 'climate change concern' will magically improve due to emissions contributions from the third world. How has that been working out for America? Additionally, much of this 'research' is based upon modeling - which models depends upon what country is in the front of the line for the discussion. 

Throughout all of this we must all remember that ALL MODELS ARE WRONG AND SOME ARE USEFUL.

My 2 cents worth.


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I can only speak for myself. I post on the topic because the topic of global warming has been wrapped up into the topic of nuclear energy - most prominently by nuclear energy advocacy groups. As I mentioned earlier, there are plenty of good reasons to stop burning fossil fuels, just as there are plenty of good reasons to use nuclear energy. If the most prominent argument in either the climate change OR the nuclear energy debate ends up being based more on politics than on science - and if the science turns out to be wrong - then all of the other reasons might fall as well, due only to their association with a discredited idea. 

To put the last piece in place - a lot of RSTs, HPs, and nuclear engineers have an obvious stake in whether or not we build more nuclear reactors or just start tearing down those that we have. That alone should make it a relevant topic for this list-server.


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If I had said I don't know why this site continues to "post" submissions rather than "receive"; you would have a point with your censorship statement. I questioned the motivation of the submitters. If it were only a few climate change submittals, I would welcome the insight, but after so many, I question the motivation.	http://www.ans.org/pi/ps/docs/ps44.pdf


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