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The latest hype about USS Ronald Reagan - the Navy should start
providing the facts about the ship and when and what it encountered.
They have gotten AP and Orange County Register to play along in their
massive try the lawsuit in the media campaign.  I certainly would like
to see discovery starting the reveal the facts instead of this
continual feeding of the anti-nuclear activist propaganda organs.

Roger Helbig

The dozens have cancer comment seems pretty far out - just like the
70,000 john and jane does in the class action lawsuit - the idea that
USS Ronald Reagan is so radioactive that she should be sunk is

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 The exposure of US sailors to radiation, near Fukushima

by Christina MacPherson

Navy Sailors: Frozen Fukushima steam blanketed ship; Crew suffered
massive radiation doses, dozens have cancer -- Calls for it to be sunk...
still too radioactive; Navy: There's some contamination, but it's ok --
Tepco: No way US officials would rely on information we were telling
to public http://enenews.com/navy-sailors-frozen-fukushima-steam-blanketed-uss-reagan-crew-suffered-massive-radiation-doses-dozens-now-have-cancer-report-calls-for-ship-to-be-sunk-still-too-radioactive-navy-says-contam

AP, Apr 7, 2014: Nearly 80 U.S. sailors are [...] alleging [Tepco]
lied about the high level of radiation in the area [and] repeatedly
said there was no danger to the crew when they were actually being
blanketed with radiation that has since led to dozens of cancer cases
and a child being born with birth defects [Tepco] said that there was
no way the commanders of the aircraft carrier would have relied on the
utility [...] "It's wholly implausible... military commanders in charge
of thousands of personnel and armed with some of the world's most
sophisticated equipment, relied instead only on the press releases and
public statements of a foreign electric utility co."

Orange County Register, Apr. 6, 2014: Sailors on the flight deck said
they felt a warm gust of air, followed by a sudden snow storm:
radioactive steam. Freezing in the cold Pacific air. Blanketing their
ship. And there they remained for two days, until [...] aircrews
returning [from] near Sendai identified levels of radioactivity [and]
the Navy ordered the carrier to reposition much farther away [...] the
lawsuit contends, the crew had already suffered massive doses of
radiation. [...] dozens have developed cancers, at least one has borne
a child with birth defects [Their lawsuit is] raising very strange and
disturbing questions: Could the Reagan - one of the most advanced
nuclear aircraft carriers in the U.S. fleet - really not know that it
was being showered with massive doses of radiation? [...] Some critics
on the ecological front say the Reagan, now stationed in San Diego, is
still so radioactive that it needs to be sunk. It floated around the
Pacific for many weeks after the Fukushima humanitarian mission ended,
as no Pacific Rim country would give it permission to dock. [It's]
slated to move to a new home port this year. In Japan.

Navy spokesman Lt. Greg D. Raelson:  "Low levels of radioactive
contamination did enter ventilation systems, which have numerous
inaccessible areas difficult to perform radiological surveys and
decontamination [...] there is no indication that any remaining
minimal levels of radiation pose any adverse health concern.
Radiological controls are in place to survey, control and remove
remaining contamination"

U.S. sailors' lawsuit: "[Those exposed to radioactive releases from
Fukushima Daiichi] must now endure a lifetime of radiation poisoning
and suffering which could have and should have been avoided" [TEPCO]
lied through its teeth, knowing all along the plant was in full-scale
meltdown [...] "rendered the plaintiffs infirm and poisoned their

See also: Navy Officers on TV: "My body is falling apart" after Japan
rescue mission, his right side "just didn't work" -- Another "can no
longer use his legs" and unable to urinate -- If 300 times normal
radiation is OK, I don't know what to tell you

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