[ RadSafe ] Nuclear Trivia: Salmon & Sterling

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1964 and 66 in Lamarr County Mississippi.

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Two nuclear devices have been detonated in the U.S. on the East side of the Mississippi River.  Name the State and dates.  


Rebecca Terrell, in a The New American article on the over-reaction to Fukushima, reveals (in an aside) the details of two nuclear blasts and the reaction of the local population.  

I'll bet not 1 in a 1000 RadSafers knows the answer.  Or 1 in 500,000 "normal" people. :-)  In fact I know people who live within 50 miles of "ground zero" who have no idea the explosions ever took place.


Here is a link to her on-line article:


Hint:  Magnolias and Goldwater =).  


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