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I rather doubt that this is a new imaginary malady dreamed up by the
anti-nukes to advance their cause - of course, they claim it is being
banned by Facebook to make it look like the nuclear industry demons are
keeping this vital information from the world.

Roger Helbig
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   arclight2011part2 posted: "  This is a defect in the heart of children
caused by radiation from Chernobyl, and it causes physical holes in the
heart of the child, along with a host of other issues. Image and quote
source; http://www.chernobyl-international.com/programmes/medi"    Respond
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<http://nuclear-news.net/author/arclight2011part2/>  1,500 Children likely
to develop heart problems on a yearly basis- Effects of the Fukushima
nuclear disaster - banned by Face
arclight2011part2 <http://nuclear-news.net/author/arclight2011part2/>

 This is a defect in the heart of children caused by radiation from
Chernobyl, and it causes physical holes in the heart of the child, along
with a host of other issues.

[image: Screenshot from 2014-04-15

Image and quote source;

Op Ed Arlight2011part2

Posted to nuclear-news.net

15th April 2012

In an attempt to work out the possible figures of children that will be
born annually in Japan with birth defects,  I have used the figures below
to make an estimation of the likely impact. Based on figures from Chernobyl
from Yablakov (2010) of 8, 300, 000 against a similar area in Fukushima
Prefecture and the NW Myiagi prefecture (ACRO France) with a population
living in contaminated areas of under 2, 500, 000.  The figures seem to
point to 1,500 children a year are likely to be born in future years with
birth defects.

There is obviously some dispute as to the figures and areas of
contamination. Also, the contamination in the mountains is likely to hit
cities like Koriyama that are downhill of this unknown and untested for
contamination. there are also some small issues with the population
statistics though they seem about right to me.

Japan has no free health services and I would recommend that people not
conceive in such a a place and subject their unborn Fetus to the high
levels of Gamma radiation. Thanks to local initiatives food contamination
is presently being contained mainly but as time goes on, like in Belarus
etc, testing becomes lax. So evacuation is a good idea for young people
wanting to raise a family. The issue of contaminated food is an
international one that needs independent analysis to ascertain the depths
of the problem and the IAEA and WHO are not up to the job because they have
a nuclear bias.  The quotes and links follow for you to decide if I am
right or not;

*From Chernobyl Children International*

Today in Belarus, over 7000 children await treatment for cardiac conditions
that would be practically routine matters in the United States or Europe.
The country's health services are already stretched to the breaking point,
 and the waiting list grows by an estimated 800 to 1000 children every year.


Since its establishment, Chernobyl Children's Project International has
built and maintained a fleet of over 140 ambulances in Belarus and Western


*Quote from the Irish Independent newspaper - April 2014*

"The EURO 3m spent so far on establishing and maintaining the program has been
raised entirely in Ireland by CCI donors and volunteer fund raising


For the past 10 years, the program has been treating a significant portion
of the 6,000 Ukrainian children born with genetic heart diseases every
year. Many of these conditions, known as the 'Chernobyl heart', have been
linked to the radiation leaks from the Chernobyl nuclear plant accident in


*Quotes from Chernobyl Children International CEO Adi Roche 2014*


*Wiki Information*

According to reports from Soviet scientists, 28,000 square kilometers (km
², or 10,800 square miles, mi²) were contaminated by
caesium-137<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caesium-137>to levels greater
than 185 kBq per square meter. Roughly 830,000 people
lived in this area. About 10,500 km ² (4,000 mi²) were contaminated by
caesium-137 to levels greater than 555 kBq/m². Of this total, roughly
7,000 km² (2,700 mi²) lie in Belarus, 2,000 km² (800 mi²) in the Russian
Federation and 1,500 km² (580 mi²) in Ukraine. About 250,000 people lived
in this area. These reported data were corroborated by the International
Chernobyl Project.[13]<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Effects_of_the_Chernobyl_disaster#cite_note-13>


*Ratical website information*

*Populations which were particularly exposed to radiation by the Chernobyl
catastrophe *

   1. Clean-up workers (liquidators):
   830,000 (Yablokov 2010)
   2. Evacuees from the 30 km zone and other highly contaminated zones:
   350,400 (Yablokov, 2010)
   3. The population of the heavily irradiated zones in Russia, Belarus and
   8,300,000 (Yablokov, 2010)
   4. European population in zones with minor exposure to radiation:
   600,000,000 (Fairlie, 2007)


Saved information from Christina Mac Phearson`s Blog with links

Dr Wertelecki reminds us that there are many causes of birth abnormalities.
One well recognised cause is foetal alcohol syndrome, due to alcoholism in
the mother. However, the program did in fact research this question. 6
universities joined it in a  very well funded and thorough study of
pregnant women. It showed that in this Northern area, alcohol use among
pregnant women is statistically less than in the Ukraine in general. .
Alcohol does not explain the birth abnormalities. Radiation is the obvious
major cause.



According to the prefectural government's statistics division, the
population of the prefecture as of May 1 was 1,950,341, a drop of about
18,000 from the previous year and of about 74,000 from the pre-quake figure
in March 2011.


*More Asahi.com*

[image: Screenshot from 2014-04-15

2,569 402 people were counted in the census before the disaster

2,525 023 in 1st February 2013


*More information on population statistics here;*


*Fukushima University*

This is another figure from Fukushima University with no date attached
showing about 160, 000 more people than Asahi figures


Total population: 2,121,682
male: 1,034,680
female: 1,087,002
area: 13,781 km2

*Safecast citizen radiation monitoring*

[image: Screenshot from 2014-04-15

*Alternative radiation mapping posted by EXSKF ;*


*ACRO France radiation monitoring*

The contamination is very large and comparable to the environment of
The Maeda field of Iitate-mura is the most contaminated place.
Iodine contamination is the largest and it is better to evacuate the
On the long time range, cesium 137 is the most worrying element because it
has a half-life of 30 years.

Regarding the results expressed in Bq/kg of soil, most of them are higher
than the limit fixed by the Japanese authorities at 5 000 Bq/kg for
agriculture. Rice cannot be cultivated.

The data expressed in Bq/m² can be compared to the definition of the zones
in Belorussia after the Chernobyl disaster (law of 1991) :
185 000 - 555 000 Bq/m²: migration allowed
555 000 - 1 480 000 Bq/m²: right to rehousing

*Most of the results are higher than one of these limits.*


*Final note from Arclight2011part2*

Food contamination is likely to be the adding to the heart problems of
radiation causing heart defects as UNSCEAR has claimed that 50 percent of
the food is likely to be contaminated and that is why they set 100 bq/Kg
limit as opposed the the European standard of 1250 Bq/Kg (Codex
Alimentarius food "safety" standards). As an aside, food and beverage from
Japan is NOT checked at USA and European Ports as it is presumed to be
checked by the Japanese Authorities.

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