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Mattias Lantz Mattias.Lantz at physics.uu.se
Fri Apr 25 17:22:55 CDT 2014

Some scrutiny of the MSB paper in Open Journal of Pediatrics where they 
claim an increase of congenital hypothyroidism in California after 

Yuri Hiranuma's letter to the journal, and the response:

Ian Goddard's video about the forgery, pedagogical and very nicely done, 
please spread the word:

Related issue: Last year I asked Jacobs University in Bremen regarding 
Busby's claimed affiliation with them. After some delay I received the 
following letter:
After the university brought this up with the journal the affiliation of 
Busby has been changed to Green Audit in the printed version, but the 
online version still has the incorrect affiliation:

Some more information can be found on the Atomic Insights blog:

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