[ RadSafe ] Update on lead aprons in nuclear medicine

Ålund Maria ki0alma at gmail.com
Wed Aug 20 07:16:12 CDT 2014


I am wondering if the lead aprons has ben improved for nuclear medicine
workers the latest years. I read a question dated from 1997, *Lead aprons
in nuclear medicine,*
<http://health.phys.iit.edu/extended_archive/9703/msg00011.html>) *that
stated that lead aprons suitable for x-rays is not necessarily enough
shield to be used for gamma rays. Are the composite aprons that weight less
equal as good as a conventional lead apron nowadays? And which thickness
should then be used? The aprons that are being used at my workplace is made
of the composite material and has the thickness of 0.25 and 0.35mm. The
radiophysics says that this is enough.

Thanks for your help.

Maria Ålund

Biomedical scientist, Sweden

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