[ RadSafe ] Radon/Thoron detection by alpha spec in rain washout scenarios.

Nathan Sutherland sutherln at gmail.com
Fri Dec 5 10:03:47 CST 2014

Good morning,

I have recently had the opportunity of toying around with the alpha
spec function in canberra's iCAM system.  The PIPS detector located
within the instrument seems well suited (aside from cost) to
discriminate against radon/thoron progeny with regards to contaminated
personnel.  To my knowledge radon/thoron is traditionally detected
using proprietary algorithms found in most whole body monitors that
are capable of alpha detection.  Said algorithm looks to rely solely
on relative concentration of the activity that has been found,.

Does anyone have any insight as to how effective it would be to have
"contaminated" staff exit the whole body monitors to have a cursory
sample taken with an iCAM to aid in direct or indirect detection
through its ability to perform alpha spectroscopy.

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