[ RadSafe ] Just another thought to muse on re anthropomorphic global warming ....

Ted de Castro tdc at xrayted.com
Fri Dec 5 23:01:33 CST 2014

Water vapor is a very powerful greenhouse gas ...... so what then the 
effects of "forced agriculture"??  Ie. - "making the deserts bloom".

Especially here in California where water which would normally flow down 
river to the ocean  - with some evaporation - is instead piped south to 
fill swimming pools  in LA - higher evaporation and far more so to make 
the naturally desert central valley a major agricultural resource - ie. 
way way more percentage evaporation.

That's a very large area and a lot of water and not the only instance of 
this practice.

I wonder how that impact could/would be calculated.

Just musing.

And yes - since energy usage is blamed for greenhouse gases and nuclear 
if a form of energy - this is relevant to this list as one more factor 
in putting the WHOLE picture into perspective.

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