[ RadSafe ] Just another thought to muse on re anthropomorphic global warming ....

ROY HERREN royherren2005 at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 6 19:29:43 CST 2014

   There appears to be wide spread consensus within the scientific community that mankind's actions are having a direct impact on the global climate.  Please take a look at the following regarding moisture in our atmosphere.  No doubt, the affects of industrial scale agriculture in California's central valley is considerable, and could most probably be modeled with the appropriate software on a super computer.  I find it interesting that in many places today where water is truly scarce that the term "greening the desert" is a misnomer since so much agriculture is being grown inside plastic tunnels.

Explaining how the water vapor greenhouse effect works"The other factor to consider is that water is evaporated from the land and sea and falls as rain or snow all the time. Thus the amount held in the atmosphere as water vapour varies greatly in just hours and days as result of the prevailing weather in any location. So even though water vapour is the greatest greenhouse gas, it is relatively short-lived".    Roy Herren 

     On Friday, December 5, 2014 9:02 PM, Ted de Castro <tdc at xrayted.com> wrote:

 Water vapor is a very powerful greenhouse gas ...... so what then the 
effects of "forced agriculture"??  Ie. - "making the deserts bloom".

Especially here in California where water which would normally flow down 
river to the ocean  - with some evaporation - is instead piped south to 
fill swimming pools  in LA - higher evaporation and far more so to make 
the naturally desert central valley a major agricultural resource - ie. 
way way more percentage evaporation.

That's a very large area and a lot of water and not the only instance of 
this practice.

I wonder how that impact could/would be calculated.

Just musing.

And yes - since energy usage is blamed for greenhouse gases and nuclear 
if a form of energy - this is relevant to this list as one more factor 
in putting the WHOLE picture into perspective.
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