[ RadSafe ] Fw: A very fine hoax (?), "accident" in Ukraine

Franz Schönhofer franz.schoenhofer at chello.at
Mon Dec 8 08:59:36 CST 2014

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From: Franz Schönhofer
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Subject: A very fine hoax (?), "accident" in Ukraine


I got tired about all the messages of paranoid people about the dangers of
nuclear power, the deadly risks  associated with radioactivity forwarded on
RADSAFE. Now I fight back!!!

Since this morning papers in Austria and elsewhere in Europe are full with
extremely alarming messages about a terrible accident in a Ukrainian NPP.
Some idiotic Ukrainian politician mentioned an "accident" in
Saporiscvhscvhja ---- actually it was mentioned to be an "irregularity". It
was mentioned "btw" in a short notice at the weekly meeting of the Ukrainian

Massmedia in Austria iand elsewhere, the audience and the number of sold
newspaper copies depend on the amount of sensations and  danger perceived by
their readers, "modified" the news so to give the impression of an accident
far worse than Chernobyl and Fukushima, Europe and the whole world going to
be contaminated even worse (!) than by these former accidents, megadeaths
and the whole repertoire of the worst antinuclear communities. Comments of
the public on the internet range from anti-Russian (they had it exploded!)
to anti-US (they made it explode, they used the Stuxnet-virus which was
developed with Israeli and Iranian help) and all the usual conspiracy
theories of lowest class of IQ people. Interesting that not even the
multinational company "Greenpeace" sent out a comment..... Obviously the
whole world as at the "brink of destruction" -  famous citation, but the
world has changed since this verse was sung.,....-

According to informations from various authorities, the NPP spokeswoman, the
French embassy in Kiew which runs a radiation monitor and others, no
"radioactivity" was detected. The block 3 was shut down on 28 NOV 2014
(observe the date
it is now Dec. 3rd) because of a problem with electronics. This lead to a
shortage of electricity supply. (Don't snowstorms frequently lead in the USA
and everywhere else in polar and temperate regions to a cut of electricity
lines? It is the case in Austria since about five days!)

Finally: The IAEA was accused of giving no information to the press on
request. This is more than absurd, because if as in this case nothing is to
be reported what could be reported? Bashing the IAEA is routine.

On top of all: There have been all kind of treaties between most if not all
European countries for early notification of a nuclear accident. Please
forgive me that I do not provide you with details after having successfully
avoided to be involved in such questions anymore after my retirement -
"still going strong".

Any suggestion from the US? I do not expect any.

Best regards


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